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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Registered cover from Hong Kong

The stamps on the cover are from 2 different issues.
The stamp in the middle is from the following sheetlet which is issued on 3-August-2007: "Stamp Sheetlet to Commemorate Hongkong Post's Participation in BANGKOK 2007"

The ones on the left and right of the above are 2 different stamps from a definitive set of Hong Kong Skyline issued in 1997. The set made up of 16 of them as below:-


Deepak said...

it's nothing regarding the post but i want to ask you a general question....
is there anything such as counterfeit stamps??? does a philatelist collect these stuffs??

techii said...

Very Nice and beautiful Collections.

Magician said...

Hi! Deepak,
Not sure what you meant by counterfeit stamps, if they are the imitations and meant to cheat consumers or collectors, I think this is not right both morally and in the eyes of the law. Yes, I think there are fake stamps exists but not sure if there are real collectors for them.

You may be interested to know about "cinderella stamp' which is similar to postage stamps in appearance but not real stamps for postage usage. But I don't think these are considered as counterfeit or fake. You can read more about it here:

A search of cederella stamp in google will turn up lots of further links for details.

I hope the above helps.